Using the power of the internet we can use today’s increased bandwidth to connect all your homes and offices worldwide.

Using one computer network each member of your team can share files, data and the same telephone system, dramatically reducing your worldwide communication costs.

Our systems offer free calls between offices, reduced international call costs, one maintenance contract and one reduced monthly bill. Adding new locations is quick and easy wherever they are in the world. Each system has the ability to grow and adapt in line with your business needs. No need to move telephone lines and systems or change service providers just because you move office or add more personnel.

voipAnother major advantage is portability. Your 'phone number' remains valid regardless of your geographical location. For example, you clients can continue to contact you using a UK landline or low call number with this number being transferred seamlessly to any location in the world.

The client is not aware of the transfer and does not receive any additional charges. When you contact your clients, using the same system, the client will see the UK number appear on their display. All of this makes your telephone system as convenient as e-mail – if you are travelling, you can still communicate with your clients, family or business associates at a very low cost.

Your telephone account can also be set up using your mobile telephone giving you complete flexibility and mobility to run your business wherever you are in the world.